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Heather & Preston The Heirloom Inn

Heather & Preston The Heirloom Inn

Hi Martha,

I'm sorry this did not come sooner, but this last weekend was the first time I have had a chance to breathe since the wedding!! I just had to thank you again, for going above and beyond in making my wedding breathtakingly beautiful! You were somehow able to get inside of my head and pull out the vision I had made and bring it to life. You have such an incredibly amazing talent and I feel completely blessed that I was able to find you. The wedding day would not have been the same without the magical touch you put on everything. My guests could not stop talking about how pretty everything looked and I was absolutely in love with my and Preston's sweetheart table. Could it have been any more charming?!?! I will forward you pictures and video once I receive everything back. The anticipation is killing me!

Thank you again Martha!