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Flowers are an important part of your wedding vision. Brides are exposed to unlimited information regarding all aspects of a wedding through magazines, the media, the internet, celebrity weddings and so much more. The visions are creative, explosive and delicious. weddings and so much more. The visions are creative, explosive and delicious.

The pertinent information missing from these visions is the cost. Because every wedding is as different and unique as each bride, it is difficult for a bride to know how to determine a floral budget. Most flower budgets are determined by a family member that simply comes up with an imaginary quote to cover the floral costs. This is usually done prior to considering all the aspects of the wedding needs.

These needs include the wedding party that may consist of thirty or forty people, the floral décor for the ceremony, and the wedding reception that can have many floral requirements. Outdated information available in many magazines are simply not right about using flowers in season to cut cost or doing your own flowers on the way to the church. These articles are unrealistic for brides. Regardless of what flowers are in season, the majority of brides want Roses, Hydrangeas, Peonies, Orchids, Lilies, Stephanotis, and Gardenias. These are some of the most popular flowers desired by brides. These flowers may be in season, but that doesn’t mean they are inexpensive flowers. Here are suggested prices for quality professional floral designs based on industry standards.

Bridal Bouquet (starting at) $155.00
Bridesmaids Bouquet $75.00
Flower Girl $ 50.00
Corsages (each) $ 30.00
Boutonnieres (each) $ 12.50
Adequate size altar arrangements $150.00
Floral Pew Markers $ 50.00
Centerpieces $ 85.00
Buffet Table Arrangements $150.00
Delivery, Setup & Breakdown will depend on where the wedding is and how extensive set up is.
Don’t forget to include Taxes on the entire amount.

These prices are quoted by most professional florist that have experienced designers with a minimum of five years of experience in wedding design, refrigeration for holding the product, refrigerated vans for delivery of flowers, and recognition by other wedding industry professionals. With a little foresight a bride should be able to figure out a basic budget by applying the above quoted prices to the number of items like her reception. The wedding day is one of the most important days in life’s journey. The very best recipe for guaranteed success on your wedding day is to contract professionals that have creditability, experience and are well know in the wedding industry.

These are very good guide lines for a bride to apply in order to estimate a cost for basic floral décor for her wedding. This will certainly allow a bride to sit down with a family member and come to a realistic budget rather than an unrealistic budget to determine the cost of wedding flowers.